The Coming of the Lord — Part One | Rodney Howard-Browne

God has given you His Word to prepare you for what’s ahead, and to help you be ready for the return of Jesus! Be encouraged with this message of hope from the truth of God’s Word, to stand firm in faith in this final hour as the salt of the earth and the light to the world.

Sermon Date: November 29th, 2020

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Comment (27)

  1. PRAISE GOD FOR MEN & WOMEN LIKE HIM !!!…Without them giving them selves to god many of us would be left in darkness. Bless them lord for their sacrifices .

  2. Brother Brown is standing up for what’s right and the world thinks he’s crazy! Just like Noah he’s following the Holy Spirit and calling us to run to the Ark (Jesus)

  3. I have issues with evangelical preachers because of the connection with money. I love the word and boldness, but very burnt with collection of money. I need too pray about this.

  4. God bless you pastor rodney howard browne and I meant you in Clifton Park New York at Harvest Church and you lad hand's on my husband and he couldn't get off of the floor.

  5. Hi Everyone! There is a fake Rodney Howard-Browne account going around trying to scam people. If you receive a message from this person please do not engage and just simply report them and delete them.

  6. Wonderful the perseverence of daily ministering by pastor Rodney to the world. The hour has come!
    God bless Rodney, his wife and family.
    Love from South Africa.


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