The Burning Bush – Daniel Kolenda (2018)

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  1. instead of these meetings like catch the fire and all the others can he come and help my wife out she works 13 hour night shifts in the emergency department of our local hospital she is on her feet the whole shift and there is a never ending 24 hours a day 365 days a year constant stream of the dying and sick why is he not there spending every spare moment if he has the gift of healing. Is it because he does not have a gift or anointing and that he would be rumbled in a few minutes if he went into the emergency department and would just be getting in the way of the people who really help the sick.

  2. Hallelujah
    Praise the lord.
    Herr Jesus rette all die armen Sünder um mich Herr.
    Du bist mein ein und alles ich liebe Dich ❣❤Ich liebe Dich Abba Dein Herz ist so gross. Ich glaube an Dich benütze mich Jesus…. use me El Shaddai.
    Holy Ghost you are great.

  3. Wow Everytime I watch this I'm moved to my core! He's a Christian for days and he already knows so much. He's on fire. Jesus blow on the fire in his spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How can these people preach the gospel, and keep saying they are not theologians?! Of course they are. Cheap cop out phrases, excuses themselves and their imperfections. And after all the talking, where was it? This is proof that you cannot force the Lord. And, you should come together in one mind. And you might even have to pray all night.

  5. If we do not take on the character and love that is in God, then will we be forgiven? We need the whole armour of God yes, and the true and genuine love of God, the grace and the forgiveness we see in our precious Lord and his son. We must never lose this character. Or, it's all worthless, says the Lord. No outpourings at the expense of Love. Everything must be done in love. Revivals can and do go wrong. False leaders can use the gospel. Lopsided pastors etc. They can be dangerous. There is something we have to get right in our hearts first. I question this man's motivations.



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