The Book of Galatians – Ever Increasing Faith Ministries – Dr Frederick K Price – Vintage

Transferred from a VHS recording of an original Broadcast. I don’t know when the recording was made. Apologies that it’s incomplete, but this is all that was on …


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  1. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Many people were led to Christ because of your ministry and faithfulness to God's Word. You will never be forgotten. RIH

  2. Rest in God, Dr. Price. I will always associate the intro song with your ministry and my dad watching your program on Sundays when I was a child.

  3. Fred Price makes God out to be some sort of Pimp or Italian Godfather by teaching that you have to fork over the $$$$$$ to get blessings from God….AND if you don't pay up and give God your "protection money" then you will be cursed…get sick….loose your job or your health….or worse God will kill one of your family members because you did not send in that $1000 "seed money"…..etc….etc…..WHAT kind of sick version of God do you pinheads who follow Fred Price worship? WHERE did Jesus extort MONEY from his followers? WHERE is is written in the Bible that Jesus made his disciples fork over the cash so He could ride in expensive chariots or wear designer robes?


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