The Benefits of Being Filled — Rick Renner

There are many benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Do you know those benefits and do you experience them? Let Rick Renner walk you into the benefits of being filled with the Spirit in today’s program. To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE.

These illustrative teachings will help you understand: two works of grace available for every believer; the New Testament pattern for being filled with the Holy Spirit; the supernatural role of the Holy Spirit in your life; the benefits of being filled with the Spirit; and what tongues are all about!

This book carries the key to the mysteries of God, the power of God, the revelation of God’s Word, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. It isn’t so much the words I’ve written in this book that will transform you; it’s the One I’ve written about. This book is about the Holy Spirit and His relationship with you….

God has called us to display the beauty of Jesus’ life and power to the world. We need the gifts of His mighty Spirit to fully answer that call. This book will reignite your desire to live in the reality of these gifts that have been yours all along.


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  1. wonderful lesson. now i understand what happened i needed to continue being filled , it’s not a one time thing. my carnal stuff came back because i need to continue being filled


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