Testimony of Financial Miracles

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  1. This testimony is really meant for me. I need a financial breakkthrough for my tuition fee dept and my daily upkeep. I am struggling here in another country where I don't have any single-family members and don't have anywhere else to go, I am stuck in this pandemic but one thing for sure I believe is that God will help me get out from here and I am praying for my financial breakthrough, I have a strong faith that my God will do it Amen.

  2. Could I ask for prayer, someone out there, I am going through some financial difficulty that was not caused by myself, I am a very hard worker and have worked very hard almost all my life, I am facing bankruptcy but I am believing for a miracle, I trust God with all my heart

  3. Wonderful testimony. Remind me of the time when we came last for this house. But we got it even when people were given the owner cash in hand. They chose us because in their own words that wanted a good family. I am also believing for a debt free house. Anna I need this miracle for me and my children.

  4. Hey Brother and Sister, Greetings from Malaysia. I'm in a same situation how you were. We too signed the documents as u did and we are still waiting for God to answer. I can't that the same thing hapened to you. Now its more than a year and as u said it's really frustrating. I'm not gonna give up. I'm on my knees everyday. I strongly believe that "What He opens, nobody can't shut". And He will do a miracle for us too. Yes, He will battle for us. Mrs. Daffodil David


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