Testimony: I AM an Ex-Schizophrenic

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  1. I believe that someone done black magic the domes or satan we jinn in Islam I got this problem from last year I mad my self free one time by power of Allah but now they done it again I am fighting these demons and evil people around me

  2. Hi David. How are you doing now? I am in prayer for my youngest sibling and hope he can come out of this. His is drug induced. Please pray for him and our family so we know how to deal with it because it's scary.

  3. The title is so good to see… I had schizophrenia and I thought there's no way out and so many others taking their own lives makes me consider sooner or later that's what gonna happen to me..cause sometimes it's unbearable what's going on inside and it felt so right to end it . This video need more recognition… there's hope always stay strong fellow schizos

  4. I don't know what to do with these people. They blame me for everything, and I have no power. I can only move in so many ways. What am I going to do about it? Fine, I'll try. It's always me who pays for these things. Their creeds mean nothing. At the same time, they have to save me, which is usually even worse. It's like, shut off all the music and glamour and then look at it. I don't know what else to do. I've fought the conversation/reprogramming thing a ton. I can't defend myself from such people. My mind is fractured now. Also, we normal people cannot fight strong psychological manipulation, and i am blamed for that, too. I don't have that kind of training, but I've gotten used to it. People like Marilyn Manson think they're so smart because they can trick people. It's not hard. Apparently, killing me is quite a challenge. I've always had a really strong body, not anymore.

  5. As a fellow Christian, I’m very happy that you have found healing! But I’d also like to encourage other Christians who have not found healing. Schizophrenia is not a punishment for a sin, and it’s not a demonic curse. It’s a brain disorder—and, just like with blindness or paralysis, it won’t always go away. Jesus has the power to heal anyone, but we live in a fallen world, so that doesn’t always happen. Instead, most people with schizophrenia have to seek help through therapy, medication, etc—and there is no shame in that. God bless you all!

  6. Dying is very traumatizing. I mean, I've been passively suicidal my whole life. Maybe Kaela should have just gotten a cookie. Even with that, it wasn't until the psychotronic people that I had such an extreme experience with dying. Most people don't know what death is, and it's not that bad if it's quick, I don't think. When you're fighting, it's quite a horrid experience. When systems shutdown, it's a living hell.All these chemicals release and your body does weird things. You don't think you'll react, but you'll do all sorts of crazy things as an animal. And they made me grovel a few times, which I hate! It's such a disgrace to a human. If you make them that weak, that's not their words.

  7. yeah, it comes and goes, or it did for me, whatever it really is. In most countries, you have a "history of schizophrenia." After a phase, you'll have some cognitive issues that you can work on. In the US, they're using us to suckle money. Don't blame us. Many are afraid to lose the money, so they hold on, and it destroys their lives. I've done that a little, but I'm also really unhealthy and injured. I have issues with dying because I've had such a taste of it. Dying is horrible! If you really have to kill us for resources, just cut the line. Aside from that, I want my brain fixed. I want to study and write.

  8. Hi I'm so proud to be called a daughter of a king, I am so encouraged by your testimony as I have a 27yr old son who was just starting his life and 3yrs ago was diagnosed i believe in Jesus and what he as done for you he will do for my son I'm so very blessed by your testimony thank you and Godbless

  9. My mom has schizophrenia… even tho she’s never been diagnosed I’ve seen it my whole life and my family as well but it’s to the point where we don’t know what to do for her or how to help her she’s doing things that make no sense and recently put her in danger and she doesn’t want to be helped she believes everything she hears. It’s heartbreaking.. I’ve been praying and praying to god for him to heal her & as well to help me be a good daughter and understand her & show me how I can help her. I don’t know what I can do for her because she doesn’t let herself be helped but I know I can pray. I have no idea when god will deliver her from this I tell her to get close to him and he will help her and she gets very angry and quickly gets off the phone which I know is the enemy who wants to keep her where she is but I know the day will come when I will see my mom happy & in peace as I once long ago faintly remember her. It gives me hope to see god can deliver us from anything. If you have any advice on how I can help her I would appreciate it.

  10. I prayed for 3 days and fasted for my step brother who was bipolar for 12 years on meds too . He was healed instantly on the 3rd day of my fast

  11. Everyone please pray for my sister.. for her deliverance. 13 year struggle….enough is enough. She will have a mighty testimony! It is done in JESUS NAME.

  12. Would like to talk to someone who could help my son who has been dealing with this for over 20 years. He is in his 40s now and getting less and less able to function.

  13. My Son has been diagnosed with Bipolar Psychosis in 2012. He had some issue but I didnt really understand it until 2012. He is 34. This came on him in 2003, as of a family situation that hurt him. There has been times when he is not Manic but it is just the enemy, who comes back in a year or so and attacks him again. I'm crying out at God's feet for him to be completely delivered and made whole. He has three children who needs him in his right mind. Please pray for him. Its so hard going through this for the whole family. I have faith. I know God can do it. Jesus was wounded for all sickness. Please pray for him. I am believing God for a wholeness, deliverence, and to set him completely free…Amen.


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