Testimony – Healed from a Wheelchair

Check out this incredible story of her body being completely restored in the matter of minutes! “I get to give live a life that’s completely free of boundaries.”


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  1. i think it's more than pretty awesome .sometimes i think we haven't got the language to convey the magnitude of what we're feeling ,or to describe the experience of being in the middle of a miracle . i feel your husbands heart expression of joyful weeping gets us closest to the the magnitude of the event . and it's like a shockwave of goodness that just radiates out around the world . i'm in oz at the back of beyond and i felt it and have been lifted up by your's and hubbys testimony . i include hubby ,because the anointing doesn't even need words .please if you get the time and leading ,pray for my miracle.it's not just trying to regain what i've lost (apart from a few teeth) but trying to break into new ground and take what god has already given us but through our blindness we haven't even realised we've got.thanks and as we say in oz "have a good one".


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