Testimony: God healed me from cancer!

2019 update video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tScsb41CGk

This is my personal testimony of how God healed me from cancer and removed my tumor! I never had any chemotherapy or radiation or other treatments; this was 100% a miracle of God, with no medical explanation! Miracles are extremely rare, and they do not happen through traveling “faith healers” or evangelists — it’s only by the grace and will of God. So please, do not misunderstand or be misled by people who claim that everyone can be healed if they donate enough money, or say the right words, or have enough faith. That is not how God works, and my testimony is by no means a promise for everyone. It is just evidence of God’s power displayed through this event.

I believe God allowed me to be healed for His glory, so that others can be led to belief in Him and repentance of their sins. He loves you as you are, He forgives you for all the wrong you’ve done in your life, and He will never let you down like people have! There is nothing that could keep God from loving you if you have faith in Him…nothing! All you have to do is believe, believe that He became man as Jesus Christ, and died on the cross as an atonement for your sin, that you can be forgiven and live the life that you were meant to live! Why do we need repentance? Because we’re all born in sin, enslaved to the desires of the flesh — we break the Law daily, dishonoring God…and the penalty for that would be death, except Jesus Who lived a perfect life already took that penalty for us, becoming the ultimate, blameless sacrifice so that we can be forgiven!

(note: the songs in the background are rough drafts of two of my original songs — “What If” and “The Drive”)


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  1. The glory goes to God, but also interesting is I listened to Joan Hunters story on how she was miraculously healed of cancer, and she claims she starved it, like not giving herself over to any kind of fear.

  2. I'm a witness, Hod healed me of breast cancer 2010, I was healed in my dream. My approach was posting scripture on healing in my car and home and believing God for my healing while proclaiming the word of God over my life. God is real and much alive. Don't give up and don't give in. You must trust God!

  3. Please pray for my son Neil, his family and for me to lay hold of my faith to believe God can & will heal him of cancer & pneumonia and to heal all of our relationships to the uttermost. Thank you.

  4. The Lord healed me of chronic pancreatitis. I could not eat. I went weeks without food sometimes. Now all that is behind me. Our God is an amazing God! I’m not special, this is possible for us all, who humble ourselves before Him. It took me two years to meet God on His terms, and be healed.
    I usually don’t post about it, but I felt compelled to share here.

  5. UPDATE: Many have requested that I make a follow-up video to this, answering the question of whether I am still cancer-free after five years (spoiler: the answer is YES, I am!). I'm finally working on that follow-up video, and hope to post it within a week or so. Thanks for all the comments and support! Stay strong in the Lord and the strength of His might (Ephesians chapter 6 verse 10)!

  6. This is my personal testimony about healing which is probably one of many! In January 2018, I had pneumonia & was about to die! What I did was decree & declare over me what the Word of GOD says! By His stripes I am healed! And I just kept decreeing & praising the Lord for His Healing power flowing through me! Jesus not only raised me up from my death bed, but He made me whole! It is December 2018 & I still testify & praise Him to this day & forevermore! HALLELUJAH!


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