Take Dominion Over Your God-Given Wealth – Apostle Leroy Thompson Sr. #MoneyCometh

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  1. Amen Apostle. “Complexity of anything is its simplicity.” This is what my high school chemistry teacher told us and he was in Special Ed when he was in school.

  2. I decree my life must be different from this Word forward, Jehovah Jireh, my PROVIDER. The wealth of GOD comes into my hands now, my accounts now, flows toward me now I am well able to…do all I need to and want to and I am directed by LORD FATHER TO DO, in JESUS' name Amen

  3. I have a God – Given wealth in my life, prosperity in me now I'm in a wealthy place tonight, word I have been waiting on money cometh to me now!

  4. Amen, in the name of JESUS I receive this prophetic message and blessing in the name of JESUS, Amen, my life must be different, blessed abundant, Jehovah JIREH, GOD WHO NOW RICHLY SUPPLIES, AMEN!!!!

  5. That's Awesome. Teaching.Being Operating in a particular part Before Moving on.
    Then Being Delivered from Where One Is Before going on.
    I am So Sorry That So Many Jump up and Pastor a Church That Hasnt Been delivered Themselves in Order to Lead Others.
    They All Need Deliverance.
    Now We Know Why The Body has Been So Broke.
    I am Facing Cause I'm Tired of Being Broke.


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