T.L. Osborn / Walking In Power / #HeroesOfTheFaith / The Believers' Mission Of Healing

The following description is taken from “The Believers’ Mission of Healing” DVD provided to us by Osborn International:

T.L. Osborn delivers a phenomenal message on the importance of knowing who you are in Christ. Our mission of healing and our focus is to serve God through serving people. Christ has entrusted His power to us- to you- to communicate, to forgive, and to heal people in His name.

The foundation of our healing compassion is Isaiah 53. Our goal is to spread this good news to everyone. The Father’s will is at work in and through us as His agents. As you watch and listen, this message will inspire you to activate your potential in Christ and to begin your mission of healing.

[This video clip was provided with permission. Shake The Nations Ministries does not own this footage.]

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