T. L. Osborn tells about William Branham

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  1. The issue is not who's is the greatest whether Branham or Mbonye blah blah etc…None of them died for our sins its Christ and Him crucified, otherwise we will turn this well meaning ministries into cults…
    Paul puts it better in 1Cor "Whether Cephas, Apollos or Paul…We all servants of Christ, some excel than others depending on God's call over them or their level of yielding. Let's exalt the Gospel above vessels/messangers otherwise we will remain NEPIOS(spiritual babies)

    Let's stick to the Word, let's elevate the gospel above wonderful the vessels, it's our time to do our part just like this great servants of God did… Men come and go but The Gospel of Christ stands firm forever

  2. Brother Branham message was a promise from God. Malachi 4: 5-6. Who could see Acts 2 : 38 before? And many other mysteries God revealed through the prophet of this age?

  3. You see how we children and ministers of God keep bringing ambiguity and unclearity and confusion into God's sincere move like Bro Branham? Yet, yet, yet, you cannot deny, in anyway at all, Brother William Marion Branham, was undoubtedly, of God. Yes, he was.

  4. William Brenham was a good prophet who started well but did not end well because he relied on his gift rather than God and his power. Any gift without the power of God in it becomes something else

  5. The TL Osborn of my childhood. My father as a young man then served on his platform, when he visited the Southeastern State, Nigeria. Praise the Lord God Almighty.


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