T L Osborn 7 Truths that Spell Miracle Part 1

T L Osborn shares how we can have a life with miracles. He uses the 7 letters from the word MIRACLE as an acronym by taking each letter from the word to get seven words with each words first letter from the word MIRACLE. (M)odel, (I)nspiration, (R)esponse, (A)ction, (C)redibility, (L)egality, (E)xperience. Each word is covered in a separate talk.


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  1. May his soul rest in peace! God used him when he visited my Country Uganda with his wife in 1984, my mother got healed during his crusade from the sickness that had troubled her for over 40 years,up to now my mother remembers his name though he went to be with the Lord.

  2. Oh my God, what a liberating message! Religion can't take it. My whole being says Amen to the entire preaching. TL.O is with the Lord, but his legacy will for ever be a great blessing. Thanks you Jesus

  3. Thank you for reposting this series! I studied it in 2018 and when I went back to find them again they were gone! This series is a NEEDED message for us today. Dan Mohler preaches VERY similar message. – Christ IN YOU. What could be better message?

  4. I was a student at VBI when Bro. Osborn preached this live. (2001-2002 I believe) Those 7 sessions changed my entire outlook on ministry. He preached our graduation ceremony that year as well.I am so thankful to have sit under that teaching. Thank you for uploading.


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