Steps To Freedom – Guillermo Maldonado | July 28th, 2019

The heart is the most sacred part of us. It is who we are and the condition of our hearts determines our intimacy with God.

There has been a war in the spiritual realm because the enemy is after the heart of the people. Why? Because your heart is the resting place of the presence of God, it regulates the flow of life and it’s where our belief system comes from.

Often, we give entry points to the enemy to enter into our hearts. How? What are these entry / access points?
Habitual sins
Past traumas / painful experiences
Curse words
Soul Ties
Bitter judgement
Inner vows

A christian lifestyle is a process of transformation. Every day we should persevere to live a life like the image and likeness of God.

We have become comfortable with looking for alternative resolutions to our pains and problems with things of the world. But the change of a man’s heart is something supernatural. Jesus has to interrupt your life in order to set you free and heal your heart.

What are the steps a person must make to be free?

The first step to walk in the freedom of God is to repent and take responsibility and ownership of the things that we have done in the past or events that have caused us unforgiveness and pain.

Watch this Sunday’s message to know the steps on how to be set free and healed.

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  1. First, New Testament apostles were numbered, named, and chosen by Jesus only!! . Jesus hand-selected all of his apostles. “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you” (John 15:16). Jesus “called to him those whom he desired” (Mark 3:13). Twelve people were originally appointed by Jesus to be His apostles, named in Mark 13:17-19 and Matthew 10:2-4.

  2. Praise Jesus – His spirit is the revealer of Truth and Truth is a necessity for survival on earth.- We need a transformation and translation into new world


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