Stay Committed – Joel Osteen

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  1. I tried I gave it my best now it’s not up to me anymore so I’m OK with whatever is going to happen it will happen whatever will be will be I’m packing my stuff like I said my daughter has ovarian cancer so I have to move in with her anyway somebody has to take care of her and her best and her mother

  2. I do but he thought and he throws me away I was a drug attic and I still lamb alcoholic and I still lamb I amBut I do love him but he doesn’t love me and he’s made that perfectly clear to me and I don’t want to have to prove to him anything because that’s what he told me I have to prove to him that I can do this that me other I don’t touch drugs anymore and I don’t want alcohol anymore I really go anywhere because he’s taught me how to stay home not allowed to have friends so I got rid of all them just to be with him now I have nobody but me

  3. Keep loving that women even when they don't deserve it. Stay committed. I am committed. Im determined she just dosen't know it yet! Just stay with me dear Lord i've come so far and so far to go. Send my BIC and my SIC to watch over, me my Guardians. And my Church BRCC to stand behind me. Some how I know they are with me, I can feel it.


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