Standing By a Word From God — Rick Renner

How do you stand by a word from God until it comes to pass? That is the subject of today’s program with Rick Renner. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Have you ever wondered what the Bible means when it talks about the “substance of faith”? Or what God meant when He said, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him”? In this inspiring ten-part series, Rick Renner dives deep into the original Greek of Hebrews 10 and 11 and takes you on a personal journey through God’s Hall of Faith.

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  1. Rick, this is by far the BEST TEACHING I have ever heard on Hebrews 11!!!!! What a powerful message. I hope this gets into the hands of every believer who walks by faith. We have been standing for an enormous faith project for many years now and are believing to change our times and generation when it comes to pass, in Jesus' name. Thank you!!

  2. Clarifying what the ancient Greek texts say in the Bible shows what the behavior of enduring faith is. I am learning to appreciate the ancient Greek that Rick Renner explains.

  3. Hebrews 11:1, is my life verse. Thank You Preacher for reminding of the power of faith through Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus provided our Son with a new heart in 2006 @ Emory Hospital. Thank You Jesus.

  4. EXCELLENT! Now that is teaching! Thank you! I was in St. Petersburg in 1994 for a ministry outreach. I had the privilege of visiting the hermitage during a break the team had. Amazing place.

  5. This is the truth about renew generation family. All my pass family life I grew up was never blessed.. today I change it by trust god and faith that I have three child and grandchildren are blessing and they all have been baptized on n Jesus name. Amen!

  6. When GOD speaks there is nothing in this universe can withstand it. In the Spirit GOD SPOKE to me in heaven with a full host of worshipping Angels "Tell my people to come out of the valley and into the HIGH PLACES" Speaking of HIS RETURN And as GOD IS not a man that He should lie – HE IS COMING to stand on what is HIS and justice roll down like water and the righteous like an ever flowing stream. Amos 5 v 24. Pursue peace in the midst of injustice like a refreshing stream through dry land. Blessed are the peace makers for there's is the KINGDOM of HEAVEN. Next week I go for jury service for 5 weeks pray THE FATHER for me and let HIS JUSTICE stream forth like a flowing river. AMEN. Thank You GOD BLESS

  7. Not gonna lie, that was a very special teaching to listen to, so down to earth and a reminder for my ears, thank you Rick


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