Spiritual Warfare on Finances – Apostle Guillermo Maldonado | August 19, 2018

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Comment (31)

  1. I believe in prosperity Adam and eve had it all before they fell. Our lord yeshua died to save us but also he died with the crown of thorns to get rid of the curse of poverty etc. If God was against wealth for his people then Adam wouldn't of had or abraham,Israel left Egypt with the wealth of a nation basically God bankrupt Egypt in one day for his beloved first born Israel then later in generations to come king Solomon was rich. Nothing wrong with prosperity we have to prosper as long as we dont make wealth a God. So am not prejudice against any Christian's having wealth or our Jewish brothers and sisters it proves the covenant is established that which jesus christ payed for on the cross. The bible said that he will make Israel and the true church the head not the tail amen

  2. Brother jay singelton.Amen this man preaches another Jesus.2 corinthians 11.4.He is satan in the flesh.Leading all those people with itchy ears to hell with him.Maldonado is pure evil.I know who sent him.The god of this world.Satan

  3. people you need to run from men that used named that GOD dealt with in the bible for those men were and qualified by GOD read your bible and see that what i am telling you is true read act chapter one and see that an apostle was one that had seen JESUS this man has not seen JESUS NOR HAVE YOU OR ME IF A MAN CAN NOT TELL YOU WHO HE IS HOW CAN HE TELL YOU who GOD is for all that we know came about GOD CAME FROM THE BIBLE SO WHEN men add to GOD'S WORD AND TELL LIES THEY ARE PREACHING ANOTHER JESUS READ GAL CHAPTER ONE THIS MAN IS A LIER AND HIS FATHER IS SATAN read your bible and see so you may live and not go to hell with him

  4. Wages of sin is death in various aspects of life eg spiritual life, death in yo finances(debt), death in marriage, physical death etc. Physical death is not the only death so i totally understant the pastor, for the wages of sin are felt even before actual death

  5. The borrower is indebted to the lender-some people want to live way above their means-some are wasteful!! Jesus paid the price for all concerning me-we are not responsible for what the corrupt polititians do

  6. God give me your power to make wealthy,so that you may establish the covenant you had with your son Jesus Christ's,y es he died for my blessings to come to pass

  7. I believe gods people is to be wealthy Adam and eve in the beginning had everything so I agree with apostle Maldonado were not to be poor Satan wants us to be poor and sick full of unbelief Jesus paid the penalty for all of Adams sins etc the purpose of the cross is to erase the fall there is nothing wrong with being a saved millionaire as long as you don't make wealth your God and remember to give to God and not be greedy or that's an idol but I don't apologise to religious people for saying we believers who are born again and delivered are to prosper in all I want to prosper I love Jesus Christ I love people I stand with Israel I sow to the feasts of the Lord I believe in prosperity religion teaches people to be sick poor and miracles don't exist let us shake off man made organisations who are dead and get into the true Lord God yeshua and his promise from the beginning amen

  8. there is a great difference between African ways of worshiping God than westerners .the Africans,we worship God with emotion not in spirit.only few you can find amongst us that actually serve God in spirit .the reason is that many Africans believe that every problem is cause my witchcrat and therefore when they gather to worship God ,they pray against witchcraft ragther then to ask for the holy spirit

  9. The bible says the wages of sin is DEATH, not debt; although debt is a byproduct of sin. The Word must be quoted correctly so that we may get the return on it. Praise God.

  10. People need to put down their cell phones get their faces out of it and look at the man of God when he is speaking. I can't believe that. SMH. I think I even heard him admonish them and they still did it. No way.


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