Smith Wigglesworth AUDIO sermon by Professional Voice Actor (3/18) Power of the Name

Narrated by professional voice actor, Herb Merriweather, who did an incredible job.

Outside of the Bible, my absolute favorite book is “Greater Works: Experiencing God’s Power” by Smith Wigglesworth

It’s over 550 pages of his sermons, updated by Whitaker House publishing. I’ve personally read it at least 60 times – because God’s used it so much in my life!

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Smith Wigglesworth playlist:

It is true that Jesus Christ came to set us free from everything that afflicts us (Isaiah 61).

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Smith Wigglesworth’s sermon is compiled as part of a book titled Ever Increasing Faith.


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  1. You might want to change your titles! I'm sure you don't intend viewers to expect a rare "audio sermon" in Wigglesworth's voice…which is what I was looking for.


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