Smith Wigglesworth AUDIO Sermon 11/18 What it Means to Be Full of The Holy Spirit

Outside of the Bible, my absolute favorite book is “Greater Works: Experiencing God’s Power” by Smith Wigglesworth

It’s over 550 pages of his sermons, updated by Whitaker House publishing. I’ve personally read it at least 60 times – because God’s used it so much in my life!

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Smith Wigglesworth playlist:

Chapter 11 of “Ever Increasing Faith,” a compilation of encouraging messages by evangelist Smith Wigglesworth. Narrated by voice actor Herb Merriweather.

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  1. I enjoy the company of believers with the abiding presence and super saturation of the Spirit. And if you say, full of the Spirit to a Baptist or someone who has only apprehended Calvinism then they're going to counter that they are justified and therefore…But it's not equivalent! Not at all! That's the same as saying a glass that has some water in it is the same as a glass that's overflowing with water. And it really is that simple. I won't tell you the secret to being overflowing.. I'm sure this video probably does..if it doesn't..well you didn't ask me and it's not going to be the same if you don't. You'll have to ask in person or by human means. It absolutely won't be right otherwise.

    "Isn't it wonderful to experience the corporate presence of God in this house?" (That's what I say to myself when they say, "Isn't it wonderful to be in the presence of God here at_________.") He didn't say that today. I thought they might, but they didn't. But say that. Renew your thinking. Is it about God or your brand?
    Being overflowing was not a typo.

  2. If I had my choosing for revival I would say smith would be the man but please dont punch people or kick babys. Jesus and the apostles never punched people. In our church we had
    Teaching of smith and people got the idea of geting tough and punching and insulting members. Some lady even punched me in the gut while I was up for prayer. There were many false prophecies too.
    This massive web information is often very educational but often we loose Gods place for us. All those copy cat churchs failed.
    Also when smith threw the fresh cut flowers in the yard and shouted "THERE DEAD".
    Please dont throw my wife's or mother's flowers in the yard.
    Thank you.

  3. The Brothers Who Redicovred The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit said First You Consecrate your life , Remove All Deliberate Sin From Your Life And Ask The Lord For The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Then Tarry For The Spirit! And We Seen These Brothers Who Received The Baptism In The Holy Spirit In This Manner Move Mightily In The Spirit! But Now The Churches Are Teaching You To Have Someone Lay Hands On You And Ask For The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit And Just Receive The Baptism By Faith ! I Think That’s Why The True Power Of The Spirit Is Lacking In Today Church And It Allows People to Receive A Different Spirit Which Is Dangerous!

  4. My spine was healed when I cast out an unclean spirit according to these teachings. The devil has caused us to believe pain is a medical issue rather than caused by the devil. I am healed! Thank you Lord Jesus.


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