Seven Things the Holy Spirit Told Me About America ~ Dr. Lester Sumrall

Sixty years ago in Manila, Philippines, God spoke to Dr. Lester Sumrall, telling him of things to come in America. He spoke of a departure from the faith of our fathers, and an escalation of paganism and rebellion.
But, He also promised an outpouring of His Spirit in the last days that will surpass all the revivals of history, and charged His people to lift up their heads and rejoice when these things come to pass.
This video message was filmed approximately in 1987.

Download Brother Sumrall’s book “Panorama of Prophesy” here:


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  1. Now all this stuff is being solidified. Evil is become good and good is become evil in the eyes if the world. And what I'm foreseeing is this mind set their building is going to escalate into increasing persecution of Christians until it gets extreme.

    Once they mark us as the ultimate evil based on their backwards moral compass that becomes the societal norm, the persecution will come in like a flood.

    Were not there yet but that is exactly the trajectory were headed in.

  2. Oh my Lord!! I am so elated! This is the final moments of this dispensation of grace for sure. Dr. Sumrall was truly a prophet of God. I thank him for his obedience to the voice of God. Today we are seeing all this come to pass (January 8, 2021) Bless God our redemption draws nigh!!!!

  3. 1. America will depart from the Faith 2.Eastern religions will become prominent 3. Cults, demon worship to arise 4.Rebellion spirit to come 5 Homosexuality, Lesbianism, 6. Bestiality 7. Mighty Revival

  4. And who promotes false gods more than the Papal Fake Church.. It's Ecumenism "Interfaith" world religion signed w/ India Islamic Imam; Feb 2019 "Abrahamic House" etc included the promise to build new Hindu Temple to include Hinduism into it's end days Interfaith pluralism There is No " Interfaith "
    Ephesians 4-5 One Lord One Faith One Baptism
    Still revered as a saint reformist Pope Paul 2 dedicated altars in the vatican basement to eastern deities and Mary to start the End Day interfaith alliance grande finale.. setting up false peace to usher in the Anti Christ
    They could be visited on the official Vatican website in the 1990s..
    Today the New Vatican Centre is designed in the form of a serpent The Altar is the head of a Snake it's 2 eyes are interior exterior .. practicing open Satan worship..

  5. This was over 25 years ago.
    It was going on then and has only continued and is going on still.
    It's getting worse, what lies just around the corner is most likely NOT what most are prepared for.
    Better get priorities straight.

  6. America could have ruled the world….but she is not an empire…the USA is the light of the earth and the greatest force for righteousness on the planet.

  7. My girlfriend is catholic, she is also a an Eastern medicine practitioner, she doesn't believe in the Bible and she laughs at me if I quote the Bible, I assumed she at least believed in it and she doesn't. She's never read it. I sent her a video the other day by a very nice black man who was a Christian about the elections and she started laughing at him and said he was wrong and I said it doesn't sound like you even watched it and she didn't and said these black people need to go home back to
    Africa and I don't listen to them and she has some nasty things to say about black people too so I said what about namaste and evolving up the spiral and all that because you can't get to heaven if you don't like black people. She didn't answer me. Her daughter died and you know she talks to her daughter through some lady at the tea room or whatever and I said that is not really your daughter that is just a spirit posing as your daughter, it says in the Bible not to do that and she thinks that's ridiculous.


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