Sarah: A Woman Who Believed God — Rick Renner

Sarah was a woman who believed against all odds and received her miracle. Join Rick Renner today for this thrilling program. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Have you ever wondered what the Bible means when it talks about the “substance of faith”? Or what God meant when He said, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him”? In this inspiring ten-part series, Rick Renner dives deep into the original Greek of Hebrews 10 and 11 and takes you on a personal journey through God’s Hall of Faith.

Unlock a Cache of Enduring Riches! In Sparkling Gems From the Greek, Volume 1, Rick Renner unlocks an amazing cache of rich, enduring treasures mined from deep within the Word to unveil a wealth of brilliant wisdom and sound counsel that will enrich and redefine your life.

Unlock the explosive potential of seeing your own life transformed! In Sparkling Gems From the Greek, Volume 2 Rick Renner offers a masterful blend of poignant personal memories, intriguing historical perspective, and penetrating insights into the believers role in this present hour.


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  1. Love this!!! I want those Gem books! I had just bought Dressed to Kill, it has shed much light on spiritual battle, I have fallen behind the last year got discouraged. I’ve been listening to DtK on audible all day while at work it is awesome! Thank you!!!! God Bless!

  2. Thank you Rick this is a really good teaching. I have had almost 2 years of struggling to conceive and God told me he was going to give me a baby. His exact words to me were ' I have already done it. '
    When he said this to me I laughed. But not because I didn't believe him, it was a laugh of joy because I knew that I knew that I knew he had spoken. Something inside me changed and I just knew it was done.
    I am now pregnant and I'm having my first scan in 2 weeks. I am over joyed. When I have had moments of panic and doubt and the odd wobble, I just declared the promise God gave me, declared Deuteronomy 28 over my life and it bought me massive amounts of peace and got me refocused on what God has promised me.
    Please stand with me in prayer and faith that these scans will be perfect, just as God has promised!
    Thank you for this teaching. It was great!

  3. Pray for persecuted Christians of all Tribes of Israel to be saved safety security support and protection from God. God may use them and to give authority and power to establish kingdom of God and to destroy kingdom of Satan in India and other countries


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