Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul L. Williams on The Phantom Virus and More!

Andrew Wommack and Mark Cowart host special guests Rodney Howard-Browne and Paul L. Williams to discuss “How an Unseen Enemy Shut Down the Planet!”

Tune in!


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  1. Thank you Ps Andrew, Ps Mark, Dr Rodney H B & Dr Paul God bless you for helping us. Some of us in South Africa we understand a little bit of what is happening with this corona (except sanitizer & mask) but with your help the Preachers we know that are our leaders in faith we are greatly helped by this info, especially because we trust Ps Andrew & Dr Rodney HB. They are legit man of God, now we know Ps Mark & Dr Paul that we trust because of both of you.

    By the way just to add it gave me joy to know that Ps Andrew & Dr Rodney H B are in peace together because I love you both. Dr Rodney HB we miss you at 7am. SA time on sunday- Faith Broadcast

  2. Yes Andrew you do have a constitutional right to be as political as you want to be. Everyone has the right to free speech. But this election has shown how deeply divided America is? Nevertheless Biden won by a landslide, 7m + votes. All the conspiracy theories and voter fraud allegations cannot overturn that deficit. Not a single court has upheld these spurious claims and when the judge asked gulliani if he was alleging fraud he said "no". As a business, why would you disenfranchise 50% of your audiences? As a long time follower of this ministry, I just don't get it!! Please enlighten me.

  3. Name removed …..Did you get these sources proving that there is no evidence for covid 19 The deadline for a reply from the government or PHE for proof of the existence of so-called 'covid-19' was 22nd July. As predicted, no reply was received to this letter as they have no proof, as there is no proof!

    Also, a request to the National Research Council (NRC) department of the Canadian government under the Freedom of Information Act, which requested proof of the genuine isolation of SARS-COV-2 [covid-19] was answered as follows:

    "A thorough search of NRC’s records has now been completed, and we regret to inform you that no records responsive to your request were identified."


  4. I believe everything they are saying, it's so obvious what's going on, people must be blind not to see their(the billionaires) agenda's playing out, I'm sorry that so many people in the medical industry not speaking the truth. Rise up people and speak the truth. No one can stand against the truth, not even the big wigs.

  5. Any church that is a 501C3 is prohibited from getting involved in politics. RUN, don't walk away from these churches as they owe their allegiance to the state, rather than God! Are we going to lose this country? NO! NO! NO! Trust God, and trust the plan. GOD WINS! This election is not a battle between political parties, its a battle between good and evil and GOD WINS! We are on the verge of freedom, love and light…. not slavery, hate and darkness.

  6. Thank you, last week I was telling my prayer group that Satan has his staff holding higher positions in the seminaries, bible schools etc.

  7. The virus is real, not a phantom or a hoax like many people seem to believe. I came down with it in July and have been dealing with recurring symptoms ever since. Thank God I didn't need to be hospitalized. It's not like a typical flu where you get better in two weeks. You may feel better for a few days or more but than – bam, the flu-like symptoms come around again, it's incredibly disheartening. Pain, fatigue, insomnia, etc. . My sense of smell and taste have been altered. Got it from church… about a dozen people came down with it and one elderly man died (although pastors claimed it was because of his other health issues. I'm sure his widow wouldn't agree, she got sick too.) Whatever health issues you have, the virus will make worse.. whether you die or not. It attacks the immune and nervous systems, as well as other body systems. Many survivors of Covid19 are probably wishing they had died because of the suffering they deal with every day. The medical community has no answers, and people who have gotten it are often treated like lepers by doctors offices, and even their own families.. My personal opinion, as an "insider" .. there is no way this virus came from nature! … someone who wanted to debilitate and traumatize, but not necessarily kill, a population created this virus. I've been listening to Andrew for the past few days and really appreciate the messages, building my weakened faith back up, God bless you.. not trying to criticize. I've been worn thin and need the encouragement. There is nowhere for people like me to turn to except Facebook groups for Covid survivors, but I don't want to wallow in trauma or cling to an identity based on sickness or victimization. I just wish the church, esp charismatic and word of Faith (my church) would show more compassion to Covid sufferers instead of minimizing or denying the problem, or focusing on the (obviously) political aspect of all this. So much death and suffering could have been prevented if treatments like HCQ were not politicized. It's pure evil for sure, God help us.

  8. God give Andrew supernatural strength from you to keep fighting. I charge you Angels to encamp round about him and keep him safe from harm, evil, destruction, danger, injury and death. I ask this all in Jesus name. AMEN

  9. I uploaded this to FB. We'll see how long it lasts. This information needs to be made available to every Church in the U.S.. It should be a discipleship assignment. How can you pray specifically if you are not informed about who our enemies are? Time to get up off our pews, gird up and engage the enemy and to God we give all the glory and praise because He has given us the "power tools" to fight the enemy. We just have to be obedient, informed and available!

  10. Many pastors are subserviant to 501c3 and have TAKEN THE BRIBE so they will not speak out! Run people now!! Get out of these sick churches that do not have Jesus Christ as the head, but the government!!!

  11. Well it sounds like enemy is stirring up stuff to get this global one world, if satan gets his way, then we have to be ready to be persecuted. We don’t fear! People in eastern countries have had so much persecution. Now the western countries are going to get it.

  12. They started shutting down Michigan again, but STAND UP Michigan tell the restaurant owners not to follow this,it's against our Constitution, we must take a stand.


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