Rod Parsley – What do you want?

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  1. Stop the show, God is still alive why this nano nonsense, God is looking at this guy am thinking what is wrong with you word of faith crap

  2. Thank youGod I get it all! The devil is a liar ! God is turning my mess and mistakes into miracles . And the money that was stolen from Mothers bank account and the fraudulent check, shall be restored. And the bank accounts are clear! And the nursing home is paid so my Mother will not be evicted ! Thank you Jesus !

  3. I love this great man of God! I have watched him and learned from him for thirty years and never heard a single thing come out of his mouth that wasn't true. I pray for his strength and continued teaching and anointing in the earth, until Jesus returns for us. Listen to him, and if he says anything else, like I've always said about Jesus, I want to hear it! <3

  4. Amazing, I love what you said, sum it perfectly, God does not seize to exist just because someone thinks he doesn't!
    Now its amazing the illustration you gave in physics relating it to the anointing, anointing does not leave the earth, it is only transferred and it even gets more powerful! Hallelujah .. .All day I had searched to listen to the word of God through a preacher and then I remember you Sir, that's how I got to hear this powerful message and my beloved Pastor Guillermo Maldonaldo was there, am definitely gonna search for his message on the legacy. I receive this great anointing to preach the gospel. Thank you sir for the unadulterated word of God you preach more grace ! Shalom!


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