Rod Parsley – To tell the whole truth

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  1. im 19 years old…ive already. had 2 years of Bible School through my church and plan to do the third year….then go to college for criminal justice….serve in the military for four years…then go to Rhema for 2 years and when God saids go imma go to the ministry…I'll only be 27 when its all said n done….all preachers have reached THEIR generation…its OUR turn now….times have changed since the times of Oral Roberts and Billy Graham….but one thing remains GOD CAN CHANGE ANYTHING….and while everyone sees a helpless generation….I see a generation that just may bring forth the second Azuza Revival….never underestimate God based on what the circumstance is…

  2. Thank you for letting God guide you to deliver this Sermon to me and the entire World. May you – World Harvest Church continue to Harvest.Be Blessed.


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