Rod Parsley – The anointing for your breakthrough

The anointing of the Holy Spirit was on Jesus when He became the fulfilling of Isaiah 61 in Luke 4:18-19. The same anointing is available for you today – and here is how you can experience that blessing in your daily life (Read more in Pastor Parsley’s book “The 3 feasts of Israel”).
Sermon from June 22, 2014 @ World Harvest Church. All rights reserved.


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  1. Thank you Daniel for your response! It was really nice to have heard frm someone who understands where im coming from 🙂 well I know that just before the Lord comes for his bride a mighty spiritual awakening & a profound shaking of the Holy Spirit is gonna hit the globe. The bride is not ready to meet her groom just yet. A mighty movement is on the horizon let us be ready to move and step right into it as it comes. The Lord is alway's moving & speaking, so we must be ready to move with Him! God bless you

  2. Pastor Rod Parsley is so awesomely Anointed by the good Lord! we need more preachers like this! it reminds me of growing up in Apostolic Holy Ghost on fire devil stomping revival times when miracles, signs & wonders were being manifested in a profound way! I wish I was a member of his church! I need to be in a church like world Harvest, cause it will wake up the dead spiritually. so many churches are asleep in a deep slumber I seriously need a church that is on fire like this one. I'm in California, I wish I had the money to attend just at least one night there! God make a way. members of WH do not take this church for granted, rejoice and be all you can be in the Lord & keep worshiping & glorifying him for He is worthy! step into His presence!

  3. I need a little more Jesus!!! Thank you Jesus, Lord of my life! I live and have my way in you! For I would rather die in your will than live one day outside it. Thank you Pastor Parsley, great preaching – Hello!


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