Rod Parsley – Satan, the Lord rebuke you

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  1. I come against you satan the Lord gave me authority to cast out devil's and demons and no means you caint harm me in the authority of JESUS Christ I cam and you to leave my presence your time is up and I verbally mentally evict you from my life I'm talking buisness you don't have no authority over our lives our community our nation's or the people that live in it I take back what you stole not verbally or mentally not besides you but through you and give it back now and go to hell 75 zillion times hotter and deeper I zeal it with the word of my Lord And Savior JESUS CHRIST Amen and take with you all you brought to destroy us. Your not welcome in God's Kingdoms because he is our king and he made the earth and the world he dwells with me in my dwelling places so go to hell now satan now your are defeated by my father God the creator Amen and Amen


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