Rod Parsley – Moving of the Holy Spirit

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  1. I know that it may sound cliche or old fashioned but there is something undeniably different about this time of the Church. Some say we need to go back. I don’t know if it’s possible to do in exterior but surely we can in our hearts. We could look exactly like this today and it yet not be from the heart of worship but how my heart cries for how we’ve lost so much of the power of God’s, His Anointing and Presence over the years all in exchange for trends and fashion statements. Yes! We can be revived!!

  2. PRAISE ALMIGHTY GOD IN THE HIGHEST, THE MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH; PRAISE THE redeemer OF ALL NATIONS, THE FATHER of Salvation..Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour OUR LORD OUR GOD..hallelujah..hallelujah IN the highest..AMEN..AMEN..


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