Rod Parsley: More on "Black Genocide"
A sermon version of Parsley’s argument that reproductive health providers are “systematically” trying to “exterminate” African Americans — plus a get-out-the-vote message.

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  1. @bentarr08 Personally, I don't like this guy! He speaks as if he has authority and knows the word but if you know the word you'll see that he is misleading and does only what he does for money!! Anyway, if you look at the "black" community and the forces that have been influencing since slavery on all continents and continue today you'll see the facts as a witness. Don't just pass it off as "they only have themselves to blame" type of thing. Google/youtube Maafa 21 to get some info on it.

  2. @Rockymtntruth, Saint paul answers that, but it is too long to explain on a post. (Roman 2-4). For short, salvation comes from a faith in God, not all of the excess creeds that most christians hold to. People who have no heard are saved though their knowlegde of true morality, and their repentance of it and their belief in a Supreme being

  3. We won't explicitly state who to vote for, because that would put our tax exempt status in jeopardy — but what we will do is give you a huuuuge wink and a nudge. -_o

  4. This is a good message, BUT once again politics blinds the messanger. If 25% of blacks were aborted since 1973, that means it happened during Carter, Reagan, Clinton and both Bush's. So who do we blame? We are looking for a political answer to a spiritual problem. Lets reach out to these mothers and adopt their children. Many assemblies are already doing it. We have to cut off Abortions' feeding supply, it WILL NOT be voted out.

  5. Make no mistake, this phoney jerk just needs something to blab and rant about, mere fodder for his tyrrades, and YOU morons who'r here going "Yeahh !!!! Preach it brotha !!!!" are just typical TBN airheads.

  6. Hey, nobodies twisting anybodies arm, or pointing a gun at anyones head, forcing them to have an abortion !! Black or white, people have abortions because THEY choose too,.. nobody els is to blame for the trouble that THEY get theirselves into nor for the decisions that they make,.. no, not whitey, not society, not the meia nor what have you.

  7. My question there is why are so manny black children needing to be adopted by white folks in the first place ? What does THAT seem to say, huh ?

  8. God bless you, Pastor Parsley, for preaching the truth! So many black babies killed in their mothers' wombs! This is the reason we are no longer the largest minority group in the USA! All in order that a wicked, evil industry (the abortion industry) can make money and turn profits! The "love of money" is truly the root of all evil.

  9. @sopmodm4 – Plenty of gangsters live in modest houses and any mega-buck preacher worth his salt has a missionary program in place overseas to help people in need…and provide great footage for editing in his TV studio.

    As far as Parsley practicing what he preaches, I hope he doesn't.

  10. Yes indeed. But in this video, Parsley is bearing false witness in order to promote his political agenda and fill his coffers with contributions from good people who do not recognize the wolf. I can see right through him.

    I've had my eye on Parsley and similar preachers for a while now. When Parsley bears false witness by claiming that Planned Parenthood's mission is the extermination of black people, I start blogging. Sorry Rod.

  11. I would keep my comments to myself if Parsley were advocating a spiritual approach. But he's taking the self-aggrandizing self-proclaimed Silent No More POLITICAL approach. If he wants to take his message into the political realm, so be it. In the political realm, I watch all the players and I do not keep my comments to myself – I throw a lot of rocks.

    I will not criticize any religion that stays in the spiritual realm.

  12. Wonder how much cake Pastor Rod collects from sincere black people who don't know when they are witnessing a wolf masquerading as the Shepherd?

  13. For those of you who don't know, Margaret Sanger was the founder of "Planned Parenthood" and a very staunch supporter of eugenics. She was an evil woman so you know the fruits of her labors are just as evil.

  14. Amen, amen, amen!!!! If people get offended by this, apparently it applies to them!!!! Racism is still in America and he exposed it!!! It's time to stop covering the truth with cake and ice cream and tell the sometimes rotten, ugly truth like it is!!!!

  15. I don't place him at a higher standard than any other preacher, but I do like that, even if he isn't 100% perfect, like no person is, he stands up for what's right where it matters, but is often ignored by the majority of American "Christians", in the voting booth.

  16. Accordng to the Planned PArenthood Annual Report of 2008, 1/3 of their money is from the government! Check the facts, people. Margaret Sanger spoke at a Ku Klux Klan "meeting" in New Jersey, even if you don't believe that, listen to her interview by Mike Wallace. Research Eugenics, and you'll find that she was an advocate of it (look up what Eugenics is if you don't know).

  17. I love how people call this man a liar… Black women have had the highest percent of abortions period. I know where he's getting his facts from. Check out the CDC and AGI. Most people aren't willing to admit what Planned Parenthood was really targeted toward. You can stare truth in the face and call it a lie, but it's still truth. You can stare truth in the face and call it a lie, but it's still truth.


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