Rod Parsley – God loves you no matter how much you've messed up

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  1. This is the most loving rebuke and salvation message, God's love is spuing out all over……….no one can resist the wooing of God's spirit. Praise God, he loves us !!!!

  2. One thing I do appreciate about Pastor rod Parsley! Is that he does preach under the anointing:) And even though I don't have my salvation. Stapled on a pastor's coat tail! The anointing makes the difference! But the Pentecostal movement is kind of split like the Democrats and Republicans! One side of the Pentecostal movement is kind of like the Republican Party! Preaching (legalism) and like Pastor rod says get off on silly things! And there's another side of the Pentecostal move it's kind of like the Democrats! Who want to justify what God's word strictly forbids! And live no different then the unsaved and say they have the gifts of the Holy Ghost! God help me not to have a critical spirit but I see silliness on both sides! With the conservatives and the Liberals in the Pentecostal movement! Just as Pastor Rod said he heard a preacher preach on tattoos for an hour! And yes I agree that silliness! Its just a silly to me to hear the Other Extreme beg for money for an hour! Or try to preach for an hour and try to justify alternative lifestyles! But no one's perfect! And nowhere I'd rather be in the Pentecostal Church letting the Lord bless my soul! Thank you Pastor rod Parsley for allowing the Lord to use you to touch me through the anointing…

  3. I don't really know what I am, with religion, I think I'm agnostic, but, I find myself leaning towards atheism, I've considered myself atheist for years, but I find myself going back and forth between that and more of an agnostic position. Honestly, I'm not really sure what the truth is about this existence, I think beliefs are about the perspective that you have of the world, and, I'm not sure which one is the right one. When I was really younger I believed in god, when I was a kid and young teenager. I think if the christian god is real though, unbelief is the unpardonable sin, right? If god is real, could I even be forgiven? I guess people are going to look down on my for asking this question, I don't know, worth a try. I don't know. Dang, yeah. that could be my problem all together. I feel like the rational part of me makes me want to lean more towards atheism, because over the years I've found things in religion that, just don't seem to make sense, or add up. I have trouble believing that the earth is 6,000 years old, among other things.  At the same time, a part of me wants to be open minded towards religion and I feel more or less, unsure. According to Christianity I guess I'm probably what they call an "apostate" or something along those lines, am I? Which, if there is a god, is the unforgivable sin? I'm pretty dumb I guess I'll get a lot of those comments on here. Okay if I had a brain I guess I would just find someone to ask this question to but, well, if people are going to look down on me or call me stupid, why not be strangers on the internet, right?

  4. my Man Rod !  ITS FINISHED YET WE JUST BOUT TO START>>>> he has paid the price and my god why are we not happy he is in our life!  OPEN WIDE THE DOORS amen   god likes us all     ALL WE NEED IS HIM!!! he is the everything   DONE   HE PAID FOR EVERY MESS UP SIN !!!!!!   by gods love n grace may we see his power and good will in our life ( show off god and 4 give us for our lack of faith in you)


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