Rod Parsley – Gideon's 300 mighty men

God loves you and He cares for you. No matter what. Like Gideon was like a nobody, he was never alone. You are never alone. You have a giant to fight in the valley, but once it is conquered, you’re not going to fight that giant again. You are coming victoriously out of the valley.
Sermon from May 21, 2017 @ The Potter’s House Dallas. All rights reserved.


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  1. This guy is such a fucking fraud. He’s high as fuck on something obviously and he doesn’t talk like that in real life. Mega churches are the biggest racket in all of human history.

  2. Dear Pastor Parsley you are doing an injustice to the black audience in your congregation. You must tell them that they are the true Israelites of the Bible. There has been a theft of identity for our people. We follow YAHSHUAH HaMachiach whom you call Jesus who is ceasar Borgia. Revelation 1:12-15 give the description of Our Savior. We have served our 400 years of slavery in this country and judgment is coming for those who keep silent anymore. We will never be able to live beside our Caucasian brothers in this land without constant injustice. Go back and do deep study. You might have to skip a bible study night. The information is on the internet. There is no reason to be ignorant anymore!!!!!! Pastor R.


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