Rod Parsley – Demons: Fact or Fiction?

The devil is defeated. The Bible clearly says that all Christians have been given power over the enemy army, through Jesus – but it is up to you to exercise the authority. Learn how to mobilize yourself and gain insight into the enemy’s plans for our generation.
Sermon from May 18, 2014 @ World Harvest Church. All rights reserved.


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  1. praise God for preachers who are not afraid to step up and get into the face of our enemy! he has nothing on us and he knows it! the bible says he has been defeated 2000 yrs ago! therefore we need to walk in victory and walk like we really believe he has been defeated! we need in this final hour more preachers like pastor Rod to rattle satans kingdom. I am a minister and I need to start preaching with boldness & authority to bring down his strongholds! keep up the good work Pastor Parsley. God Bless & keep you in Jesus name!!!


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