Rod Parsley – Chasing God and be a disciple

You cannot have your life and God’s life too. In this church-age we have been taught many things on how to live right and be victorious, but the core of it all is to be a true disciple and learn to say no to what this world has to offer, and chase after God, in such a way that we may live in freedom – but before we can do that we need true repentance. Psalm 51 is a good example of a prayer that David made after he had sinned. He did not take a decision. He faced the sin and repented from his heart.
Sermon from August 21, 2016 @ World Harvest Church. All rights reserved.


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  1. I would love to become a strong member of the online church can someone direct me please .l pray jesus gives me the grace to come to USA l would love to be apart of world harvest church.


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