Rod Parsley: Anointed & Appointed

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  1. rod parsley & his staff at his church (world harvest church) openly MOCKS poor people,brags about the money they fleece people out of via offerings & sold product, & i PERSONALLY heard them mock & make jokes about a child who committed suicide. these reasons made me resign from parsley's staff,quit his church & run as fast as i could to get away from parsley. he exploits ppl for their money, says he has "no use" for poor ppl who cant financially bless him & parsley has contempt for sick ppl

  2. Nowhere in Scripture is physical healing and financial wealth promised to every single born-again believer.

    Does God still heal today? YES! 🙂

    Does God still prosper today? YES! 🙂

    Are 100% of all Christians supposed to be healthy and wealthy? NOPE.

    Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). In sharp contrast, many popular teachers promise unlimited health and wealth to believers who can conjure up their brand of faith.

  3. I pray god opens your heart and eyes before it's to late and your crying out, but it will be too late then. The anoiting must scare you for you to even respond. You need a real life in Jesus..

  4. The hardest working Word of Faith false teacher on TV today…

    Heretical teachings and merchandising of men. He preaches a false health and wealth gospel that is absolutely contrary to the context and plain teachings of Scripture.

    The skin of the truth stuffed with a lie. New Age teachings packaged for Christian consumption.

  5. you're screwy and need help sisley. get to a hospital and fast.
    this asshole saved no one, he just took their money and ran to the bank laughing at all the fools.

  6. god may still be saving souls gsouljas, parsley ISN'T by any stretch of sanity.

    use your head, parsley's program might be available in markets that reach 97% of the homes in the usa (statistics highly in question), but that in no way means anywhere near that watches him lie. of that 97% probably 5% tune in & of that, 3% watch only to laugh at him when he farts.
    come on, wake up to his bullshit. you're old enough to see a liar when you hear one, & boy is this guy one of the biggest!

  7. no dearie, in fact, you're the evil one.

    you believe in false gods, don't follow the true teachings of christ, judge, while telling others not to judge, insist on being ignorant, not what christ intended, and you follow this charlatan parsley.

    why do you continue to be so stupid dearie, tell us all why you follow this guy who is only after your money. he is one of the most demented perverts in america, and most preachers in the south are very demented.

  8. dearie keep your voodoo blessings for yourself. you're gonna need it when you kick the bucket. the only destination you have in your future is your idea of the fires in hell.
    you have no faith, you only have delusions given to you by the likes of rod parsley. shame on you for worshiping false prophets.

  9. again malena, the truth really hurts, doesn't it! get over yourself.

    stop defending the indefensible. it makes you look like the fool you are.

  10. being truthful is not being mean malena.

    being stupid, then spreading lies thru your stupidity is the real meanness in this world, dearie. and your guilty of that in spades.

    if you believe in this nutcase, keep it to yourself. no one needs to experience any more flakes than they have to.

  11. when we see god's annointed we will let you know. so far in this video there is no one annointed. remember madeupaddy, you shouldn't worship false gods, but you do anyway, just like pastormalena, you fool!

  12. there you go again pastormalena, judging others. you have just sinned again, now you gotta go repent. what kind of church to you go to when you say you don't judge, then you just go ahead and judge anyway? sounds like a flimsy, shallow belief you have there dearie.

  13. now pastormalena, you just judged. your profile says you don't judge. so you too are a liar.
    you looking to make loads of money dearie? why don't you have your own television show in addition to your freakin website? then you can keep yourself in fine clothes and lots of makeup, and you too can con the gullible into keeping you in the moolah! liar!

  14. put your trust in jesus tnsportsman, not in televangelists hell bent on robbing you of your money so they can live like kings.

    wake up, you poor soul, so that when you reach those purley gates, god won't damn you to hell for believing in false gods (and parsley thinks he is a god).

  15. pastor parsley is an egomaniac who preaches bullshit while taking in millions of dollars to live in the lap of luxury at your expense gsouljas. you fool no one but yourself (and other ignorant bigots) with your bullshit comments.
    you obviously forget you're not just talking to other ignorant people here on youtube like you…most of us are intelligent. so your bullshit don't work here idiot!

  16. sorry messiahsangel, when a poor old lady sends in $50 bucks a week or month to parsley, depriving herself of food, or other necessities of life cause this moron has scared the shit out of her, then buys a mansion or two or three, limousines and jets to fly around the world in, then i say he is wrong to get rich on the less fortunate while preaching lies in the name of christ or god.
    if you don't agree, then you're not christian, your a moron!

  17. I'm not sure who is the biggest con man Rod Parsley or the guy he is preaching with Larry Huch ? If ANYONE wants you to send your information ( prayer request ) and they want to send you a prayer rag run away, it's the oldest con there is.

  18. In the last days many shall come in my name confessing that I am Christ and shall deceive many.
    Not all those who say to me Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.
    Beware of the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees.
    All TV preachers are of the apostate church. The whore of Babylon.
    If the blind leads the blind, they both shall fall into the ditch.

  19. Pushing people down, being slain in the spirit. This is not biblical. This is not how the apostles healed people. These people are hyper-suggestable and more interested in the subjectivism, emotionalism and mysticism rather than the objective truth-claims and order of the word of God.

  20. We're critizing his theology. Much of it does not line up with historic/essential Christian doctrine. Defenders of word-faith teachers have no defense. All they ever say is, "don't touch God's annointed" or something similar. Why don't you defend his supposedly biblical teachings? Test what he says in light of what Scripture says.

  21. Parsley was so bold as to tell the Church of God's General Assembly in San Antonio that "I am superior to the forces of darkness." According to Jude 9, no one, not even the archangels of heaven, have the authority to speak this way. Jude goes on to say in verse 16 that false teachers use "great swelling words."

  22. Let's face it this guy and the rest of his cronies, Rev. Hagee, Paul and Jan, T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Joel O'steen, Joyce Meyer, etc. are all con artists. They primarily prey on single women and people of low intelligence. Jesus was supposed to be the son of a carpenter. If he were alive today, do you think he would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, live in mansions, have entourages, drive Bentley's, fly around the world in private jets, and have custom made suits?

  23. MsCookieW, I would call that a coincidence or shit
    luck. I see you are one of the sheep that Rod Parsley
    has lured into his lair. Darwin said that 95% of the
    population is stupid and this guy and the rest of these religious schmucks know it. That's why you would
    send him your last dollar in order to believe in a
    miracle. Wake up you sheep!!!

  24. This guy is so full of shit it is unbelieavable. I want all the sheep out there
    to wake up and get a clue!!! Can you say Fraud, that's with a capital F!!!
    I want the I.R.S. to come knocking on his door, and you know what he'll
    say??? Send me some seed money. Send me some seed money so I can
    bail my ass out of jail for a Class A felony: Fraud.


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