Rick Renner — What God Never Does to You

God is not the author of destruction. Join Rick Renner today as he proves this to you from the Word of God. To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE.

In this Bible series, Rick exposes what God always does for those who trust Him. He also makes it absolutely clear what God never does. If you’re going to walk free — and stay free — it is crucial for you to know these fundamental, life-changing Biblical truths. Order your copy today! https://store.renner.org/product/144/how-to-get-out-of-the-trap-the-devil-set-for-you-5-part-series

Rick Renner encourages you to fight like a roman soldier, train like a Greek athlete, and work like a farmer — all to become that unwavering warrior who hears God’s voice, surrenders to His call, and willingly enters the combat zone. Order your copy today! https://store.renner.org/product/117/life-in-the-combat-zone

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  1. I post this massage anyone's reading this please pray for me I am paralyze now due for the accident of motorcycle past February 19 2019 and now my spinal cord are totally damage, my doctor said I don't have a chance to walk again, I'm suffering now I lost my job and my support to my family i have 5 children and still studying and I don't know how to survive..
    please help me to pray I want to walk again and to work and i also I serve to God , I bow down my knee to ask your help in Jesus mighty name amen

  2. Praise the lord Father. Please pray for my CHURCH and my family. I am an Indian. My what'app number is +91 934 789 6700.God bless you Father.

  3. This is hilarious ahah. All they had to do was attempt to leave and God would have made it happen? Wow that’s awesome! Take my money for the book! How do people believe this.


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