Rick Renner — Prophecies About Error in the Church in the Last Days

Error in the Church – The Bible clearly prophesies that seducing spirits with doctrines of demons will enter the world at the end of the age. In today’s program, Rick Renner opens the Scriptures about this prophetic word that you must understand.To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Are you shocked to see how far society is drifting from what was once held precious in terms of morality and faith? In this 15-part Bible series, Rick Renner will walk you through New Testament prophecies about the end of the age and te last days and what you need to do to sail successfully through turbulent end-time waters. https://store.renner.org/product/157/how-to-keep-your-head-on-straight-in-aworld-gone-crazy-15-part-series

In Rick Renner’s new book, How to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy, Rick reveals the disastrous consequences of a society in spiritual and moral collapse. In this book, you’ll discover what Christians need to be doing to stay out of the chaos and anchored to truth. https://store.renner.org/product/171/how-to-keep-your-head-on-straight-in-a-world-gone-crazy

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Comment (15)

  1. the message is very good and haseptable but I do not understand why from the word of God they have always done business, are they not ashamed of doing business with it? Where is Christianity in this matter?

  2. You cannot know that you’re saved from sin, simply by the number of people who may believe a thing!
    The popularity of a doctrine, a practice, or even of an institution does not prove it to be right in the sight of God!

  3. I have turned to faith in Jesus Christ in these last days instead..I have believed in everything other than God and I have turned to Jesus and I repent everyday of my disgusting disgraceful sins in this heart wrenching cold hearted world..I just wish more people would repent and turn to Jesus Christ and turn from there wicked ways

  4. I live in Germany and the spirit of insanity is already in the church here. We have people here, who believe it is kind of ok to harm yourself, because after all Jesus did it, too. This is how far the confusion has already gotten here at least on youtube.

  5. Praise God forever more! Always a rhema word with these teachings. Thank you Rick and Denise for preaching the uncompromising word of God! Love you and bless you from South Africa!


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