Rick Renner on Bitterness and Unforgiveness

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  1. Jesus wasn't saying if you have faith AS SMALL AS a mustard seed it'll be super effective. He said AS a mustard seed in older translations. he was just saying that your faith behaves like a seed, that it grows into something huge if used, he didn't use that illustration to show that you only need a tiny bit of faith. If I'm wrong, then why has Jesus corrected people many times saying, "ye of little faith?" For instance, Peter had enough faith to walk on water and then sank because of a little fear and doubt, but Jesus still called him out for having LITTLE faith. Because if you have only a little faith, then you have a LOT of room for doubt and unbelief. In mark 11:23 Jesus says you need ZERO space for doubt and unbelief in order for your faith to move a mountain. In mark 11:25 it shows that faith can't work if you're in unforgiveness, but forgiving is still easy and still doesnt take a lot of faith, you just simply suck it up and do it. So if you want the mountains to move in your life rely on SPEAKING to your situations with GREAT faith NOT little faith. How do you get a great measure of faith? Faith comes by HEARING, hearing the word of God. Hear yourself SPEAK the promises. Meditate on it "DAY AND NIGHT" and "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING." You will be a much more effective God-pleasing Christian if you cultivate Faith this way. "Without faith it is impossible to please God" so dont you want a LOT of what pleases him and not a tiny amount of it? I love Rick, he is right about EVERYTHING else and is totally credible, but some miss this important misconception.


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