Rick Renner. How to have peace with difficult people


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  1. I forgive the other leaders at my job. In their minds they did all of the hard work before I arrived. They have acted rudely and cliqish. All my love to them in Jesus name.

  2. I just wrote a letter to Pastor Rick about a situation going on in my life, right now! After I go to my friend with all  the humility to go do what I feel compelled to do, I'll finish the letter.

  3. I Really needed to hear this message and will listen to it a few times.  I've had bitterness & anger in my heart for too long towards the nursing home where my wife was for 4 years, bfore her passing.  I've GOT to forgive them, for 4 yrs of disrespect and move on, and pray Blessings over them.  Thank you brother Rick for this Powerful, Anointed message!  God Bless you AmenCafeTV for sharing this.

  4. Thank-you Pastor Rick for being so down to earth and helping me by sharing your experience.  I found this word so helpful – so good to be reminded of my need to pursue peace especially with my brothers and sisters in Jesus.  Thank-you for your example.


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