Rick Renner. How to cast all your care on the Lord


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  1. Consider it pure joy the many trials you go through for when we ask we will receive when we seek Jesus we find Him & when we knock the door is open! Praise God for you Pastor & Denise & family ! We're looking forward to you and Denise coming out to Rez in August!

  2. thank you again for opening my eyes and hearing the truth about what God words means…give it all to the Lord …my mountains of worrying. ..In Jesus name amen …

  3. Thanks for posting. I struggle with worry, stemming from poor choices I make regarding finances. I feel as if I am cutting off God's help, but I am encouraged after hearing this message.

  4. I enjoyed this teaching very much. My husband and I made poor choices in our younger years. We had plenty of stuff but no savings. We are now saved Christians and the Lord is helping us to learn about trusting in Him. I know that if we stay focused on Him that He will get us to a better place, amen. Thank you for this great teaching. It brought me a lot of hope.

  5. Wow such an amazing teaching, truly helped me. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you more and use you to reach out to many to teach the acts of the devil and the resources and strength a christian has in Christ Jesus.

  6. I am very blessed today. I know it was meant for me to hear this message. I really appreciate this message as my spirit is at peace.


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