RHEMA Praise Special How To See Spiritual Gifts Work In Greater Measure Rev Kenneth E Hagin

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  1. DR KENNETH E HAGIN PROPHESIED about the movements in life of the church *Firstly the mighty move of Holy Spirit in the Dispensation of Holy Spirit… *Secondly the Word Dispensation of renewing of the mind to be transformed in spirit, body, and soul into the Dispensation of God's Word. *Thirdly, there will be the COMBINATION OF HOLY SPIRIT AND WORD OF GOD.. WE ARE LIVING IN THIS MOST EXCITING TIME FOR THE CHURCH AND FOR THE WORLD TO BE TURNED THE RIGHT SIDE UP.

  2. I'm so thankful for this ministry! My daughter and I were healed of Asthma and allergies years ago. I have been healed and delivered because of the teachings. God started using me because of his teachings. I could go on and on. Very thankful. We also seen Ken and Lynette in Huntsville Alabama at a church.

  3. Thank you so much for putting Kenneth E Hagin messages up. I was healed of a major throat issue 27 years ago and am still healed. All I did was read his books (I was in India then and there were no videos or YouTube), check my Bible and in about 4 months, I found I was totally well and this after being sick for a few years. No one prayed for me and I was not under any medical treatment. The light of what Jesus did for me and faith came in and the darkness fled. Praise God.
    Disappointed that the whole message is not on YouTube.


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