Resisting Evil Attacks — Rick Renner

Evil has no power over you, but you have to know how to keep it out of your life. In this program, let Rick Renner show you how to live free! To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE.

In these five lessons, Rick examines specific areas in which resistance to evil is required to live victoriously. You will discover biblical and practical wisdom on how to resist temptation and a bad environment; why it’s necessary to resist the faithless opinions of others; and what steps to take to resist the devil himself and the evil attacks he brings.

This book contains the core message of Rick’s best-selling classic on spiritual warfare, Dressed To Kill — in a size that’s easy to read and digest so you can immediately apply its powerful principles to the challenges you’re facing right now in your life.

When the authority Christ has bestowed on you becomes a reality in your heart, you will resist the enemy and pursue your inheritance with confidence.


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Comment (7)

  1. Our weapons are the Bible and prayer. We need to know the word of God to resist the enemy. It was a good teaching, but Why do we need to buy a book or a CD to know all this, when we have the Bible and the Holy Spirit who reveals us the word of God, we need to meditate on his word day and night, and the Holy Spirit Will do the works on us.

  2. This is sooo good. I would like to hear many examples exposing how the devil steals frm us. Bcuz there's many different things being taught out there in ministries none on same page in this area, for example….many teach if God tells you to give all you have, it's God. While you said here that it's devil who tells you to give everything away so we have nothing left and (to make us look like morons basically). Things are not clear here. When it is vague, then there is no light. Please shed big light in this area Pastor Rick. Thanks in advance. Bcuz there is scripture that says: sell all you have, give to the poor, take up your Cross and follow Me, & also we left all to follow you….I know there's gotta be a balance in here somewhere……

  3. Dear Denise & Rick , thank you for your ministry and teachings ! We are watching you guys from the "sin city " Las Vegas , it's so nice what you are doing in Russia ! My great grandmother is Russian and my grandmother taught me about The Savior Jesus ! Everything you teach is true , God bless you!

  4. Very interesting: I saw someone yesterday talk about how Jesus talks to her personally, and how he keeps asking her “ to make sacrifices for HIM …” sounds demonic to me.. anybody can come on line & say anything, and if a naive person is listening.. anything can happen .. WE NEED TO BE CAREFUL TO WHOM WE TRUST !! Thank You for this warning !!

  5. Resist the devil comes after submit to God. That means we are suppose to go into all the world and preach the gospel , heal the sick , raise the dead, cast out demons , cleanse the lepers, study to show thyself approved, meditate on the word day and night, freely give because freely you have received and a whole bunch of other things first. Why are most ministries that are or use to be called evangelical ministries teaching most everything but winning the lost and setting captives free. The Bible does say he who wins souls is wise. It also appears that in Ezekiel that the People of God are suppose to tell the heathen about God and warn them or God will hold them responsible wether the lost listens or not. Wake up church. You have to do it Gods way.


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