Radical Faith – RW Schambach

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  1. I just listen to pastor back in 80 I was in the world but GOD SAVE ME from myself I did not grow up in a church I tank god for the man of god tell it like it is my pastor talk of you but back in my past I didn’t. Know of him but in this time I enjoy hearing the truth

  2. Jesus, the lover of my soul.
    I'm so glad that I have a break from my toddler for a few hours and able to listen CONTINUOUSLY to a great message that filled my soul. And then I just realized today is my birthday. Hahahaha Glory to God. But oh thank God for consecration through isolation (by God's design, not man's) the last 20 MONTHS. Even after 20 years of true fellowship with the Lord, being purged & purified for the harvest work & preparation for His return, has absolutely been the most painful yet precious time of my entire 52 years. God bless you all, keep the faith and remain in Him and never move or speak until you know that you know that you know that Abba has reveal HIS WILL for your purpose in the coming months as the Lord continues to judge & rebuke the evil ones of this world and calls forth those He has called in their perfect time/season.

  3. O Jesus! Open my eyes, ears, so I can see, hear your wonderful words , and receive your knowledge, and wisdom, to understand my life,
    I give you my love! Unto Thee,
    Everything I do, I do it
    In Jesus name

  4. Pray for me my name is Tyrone Elliott.i needs a brake through real bad . I am sending this and pray by faith that the Almighty God will look in my direction.ln Jesus Christ Holy name.yea and Amen. I really love rw shambach.true man of God.


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