Queuing For Prophecy part 1-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

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  1. Where do you"ll false prophets come up with all this fortune telling. And call it prophecy. You are mocking. God amd his word repent and ask God to forgive you. We live by faith and not by sight. You want to look good and acting like the Spirit of the Lord is with you but he is not. Calling yourself a prophet is a joke. Prophets were great men of God full of his Spirit and use to bring judgement on Gods people or a king or leader. But the Lord says my house will be call house of prayer and you turn it in fortune teller place. Matthew 24:24 beware false prophet. And if you are being deceive ask God to help you pray , read your bible and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to all truth. Remember Jesus lie for your sins , he will make you a new person and given peace , joy. And he loves you so much. God bless.

  2. There is not prophet to come after Muhammad pbuh

    If someone calls himself a prophet after Muhammad pbuh then u must no he or she is a liar

    No one must preach that Jesus is God when Jesus himself said on John 17 v20 that he has God

  3. Major I pray that someday,those people who'm judge ur goodness will see & know the truth. I know in my heart that your'e a real man of god.May the god forgive them. Hallelujah!!! Please pray my family from financial & healing. Glory to god.

  4. Please pray for me so that I can be very bright in Jesus name ..and I need to have enough money for my fees and my family please help me


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