Put on the Whole Armour of God — Rick Renner

Are you armed with your spiritual weaponry? What is the armor of God and why is it important that we put it on? Find out in this formative Bible teaching by Rick Renner.


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  1. You described the bikie gang attacks exactly – surrounding the neighborhood taking control of telecommunications and trying to defend yourself from these demon possed rebels while they ran their drug deals over your phone and trafficing outside your front gate. Hell and death nightmare – but GOD and his angelic host prevail and also calling the police as many times as it takes to be rid of them. After 4 years of this they still sneak around pushing drugs ….. A real dog of Satan- evil workers is what they are called. They specifically target the next generation of believers and those who secure them. May THE LORD PREVAIL IN HIS BELIEVERS!

  2. I have only been listening to rick renner for the past 2 weeks and my eyes have been opened to so much, I especially love to hear about faith and the enemies strategies. I've recieved so many answers that I have been praying about. Thankyou so much mr renner. You have opened my eyes.

  3. I love the deep knowledge of the Greek language of pastor Rick and I can say so because I'm Greek..excellent teacher…I bought his great book 'dressed to kill" concerning prayer..

  4. When and where were these messages taught? They are ministering to me so much. I am so thankful for the ministry of Rick and Denise Renner.


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