Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Foretells Of His Attacks

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  1. "it was easy for me to say let me run away from my trouble, let me move but im ready for that trouble…" then he goes and does exactly what he says he wont do by fleeing south africa.

  2. The attack ur talking about ur talking about people he lure to his church and rob them?people who lost lot of money because of his scam is attack?what they were supposed to do keep quiet n keep on losing more and make bushiri billionaire with stolen money?

  3. Was jobless for 1 year
    Had a dream were in I saw prophet bushiri take my CV and said something like my boy what do you want or something of that sort i can't remember
    Well fast forward to present only a few weeks I got a job from another country and I am completing my studies for an even bigger job
    So we know what is going on and we pray for him

  4. The level of narcissism is just astonishing with these men. They've always been around, all over the world, in every time. And will probably continue to be around. Please be smart, and think for yourself people.


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