Prophet Brian Carn Dominion Camp Meeting 2015 WHC Rod Parsley

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  1. Found myself watching this again! this was powerful ! the gift that GOD put on him is truly for the nation. This is REAL preaching that brings conviction. this is what we need ! and GOOD is raising up more preachers to walk into this anointing . Thank GOD for his chosen vessels with such humility and dedication to GOD and the ministry.

  2. Oh my, God just released this prophet to shake the churches. I have to record this anointed message. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

  3. this was the first sermon that ive ever heard from prophet brian carn and it instantly changed my life after watching this ! i was never the dame <3 thank God for this man . frfr

  4. God Bless you Mrs Barcourt for posting these powerful sermons you will never know how many people you have help and encouraged by posting this i consider it a ministry so i just want to personally say thank you


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