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  1. MESİAH – VERY IMPORTANT….. You will soon find out that these words are real….. When the war starts, if you ask God forgiveness, it won't be accepted… Very important information. You say they took us to hell in the presence of God . why don't you use your mind ? …All beauties are waiting for you, you will be very happy … nothing will be the same as my words may sound like a joke to you ….i'm god's revenge sword..They will learn this too ..THE Wrath of God has come .. you need a mind to understand …Damn those who slander God and deny their words … Except for those who believe in the words of God and obey her commands …There are many who want to go to hell. I only report the facts .. fame, money won't save you . obedience to god only saves .. You are waiting for God's punishment, you will love it very much.. the punishment is too close ..I guess nobody wants to get rid of…I am doing my duty . The knowledge given by the devil is .Nostradamus's prophecy is frightening 3rd World War and Turkey. watch with subtitles It also describes the expected savior .. If religious scholars had knowledge, he would not remain without faith.. imam mahdı … the cats get precise information about the existence of god.undeniable evidence I warned the devil side before people…they obeyed what I said..they do whatever I say..they fear god…Can you think about what to do?..the enemy of god is my enemy..give up slandering god..don't say she didn't say. scholars of religion you are waiting for god's torment, don't worry too close …you will learn the cost of slander god MATTA 24-27 “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You look like whitewashed graves that look beautiful on the outside, but are filled with dead bones and all kinds of filth. 28 You appear outwardly towards people, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and malice..Let those who do not obey what I say burn in hell forever.. I am your order . obedience to me is obedience to god ..You are an enemy of God, as long as you don't do what the god says.. Angel writes what she does .. the end of many is very ignore the facts… are you ready for the torture of god… scholars you are going to are taking people to hell..ask god forgiveness..tell people the truth..otherwise wait for god's punishment..I am the light of god..I show you the way of salvation..I was written in the scriptures..She brought out a powerful savior for us from David's line (Luke, 1: 69-71)save your loved ones and yourself..god will take revenge… I am the savior written in the scriptures….

    God's punishment has come, you don't even realize, the world has cheated on you estas llevando gente al infierno .no ocultes los hechos .Soy el ultimo estímulo.. .Jesucristo no está muerto, dijiste ¿por qué está muerto?.aprender los hechos ..mensaje del salvador..sálvate a ti mismo y a tus seres queridos del tormento eterno Jesus não está morto..a chegada dele está muito perto Иисус не умер, его прибытие очень близко..3 мировые войны и факты.сообщение спасителя Ісус Христос не помер, написано його від'їзд..3 світові війни..факти, які ви знаєте

  2. Am a blessed Medical Lab. Scientist. I have an excellent spirit. I do not worry, and am the solution to my numerous patients. They are healed by the power of God in me when they visit my office-based Springlab. Glory to God

  3. I am the answer to people's problems. I know whom I am. I am born of the word. I represent the word of God so I worried not bc I cast all my worried to God. Hallelujah.

  4. Iam a woman of excellent spirit because I am abrahams seed and I am the blessed, I am so blessed. Everything I do prosper, because I am blessed to be a blessing, hallelujah praise be the Lord Jesus Christ Amen.


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