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  1. Bless you my beloved God showed me a revelation when I was on your profile to see things around you. My dear, I saw God's favor, success, Joy, breakthrough, behind that, I saw more spiritual attack from the enemies working on holding such blessing, casing your set back, but my dear you are lifted above any spiritual tower so the lord instruct you to sow a seed into a motherless babies home. (Orphanage) is a covenant seed between you and God. The lord asked me to tell you before the end of (3) three days to sow the seed into Divine charity motherless babies home (orphanage) somewhere in your state to bring spiritual and divine breakthrough in your life and that of your family because there is power in sowing, contact the MD of the foundation on WhatsApp or call him. +2348166495905 don't joke with this prophecy, bless you ……………

  2. Sow your seed, it’s necessary to cement this freely given gospel of Kingdom with an envelope of seed ? chai! FB , Alibaba , Amazon bosses didn’t start this way , let’s tell the church the truth

  3. 1. Have you noticed the plan of the most illustrious religious building of Abidjan, the St. Paul Cathedral? It is a fishing net cast by Satan. And this is the image of all Christian buildings outside this Message. They are nets of Satan. Outside a prophetic Message from God, they are nets of Satan.

  4. 32. Demons have not lost anything of what they had before the Gospel reached Africa. They simply left the rivers, groves and sacred forests, creeks, high places, mountains, customs and pagan celebrations to go to churches. And the pigs and the impure, hateful and execrable birds, those whose names were not written in the book of Life of the Lamb before the foundation of the world worship them according to Revelation 13:8. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].

  5. They never talk about when isaac was struggling to build his business, when he sowed God told him to saw in the land in agriculture , nowhere in the bible it says he went to sow a seed in the temple or synagogue, thats the deception.

  6. sometimes I wonder whether some people who comments on social media,especially on church matter go to church or have pastors that teach them.
    it's a disgrace for your churches and pastors you know.


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