Private Prisons – Faith to Overcome Insecurity | David S. Winston

If you have ever struggled with insecurity, rejection, low self-esteem, or comparison, this message is just for you. You are God’s masterpiece created on purpose for a purpose. But you will always feel like life is a prison if you are constantly trying to escape yourself. STOP doubting God’s creation and start trusting Him. God created you to be exactly how you needed to be. He knew exactly what He was doing!

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  1. The passion translation is not only not a good Bible, it isn't even a good paraphrase. The quotation the minister used in this sermon seems in line with good translations but in other places it is in error. I recommend that everyone look at what pastor Mike Winger has to say on it before you adopt this version as a main Bible. Just type in Mike Winger Passion Translation on YouTube. May God bless you and keep us all from error.

  2. Yesterday while in prayer, I was also talking to the Lord about some of this. My G0D, just what I needed to hear. .. And take note of. Thank You David.

  3. This word has truly blessed my life. God truly bless you pastor. As insecurity, anxiety and fear has been trying to takeover my mentality. But the enemy is a liar. Here are the key features that I have noted down. Our ability is buried by our mentality.

    You are more than enough to win.

    One way to kill something special is by comparing it to something else.

    How to defeat insecurity is by having confidence towards God in its creation amen.

    The deception of the enemy is to focus on our ability then gods ability.

    Be content with who you are and what you are about – and that That’s in Corinthians f10 from chapter 3 to 5

    We need to know the nature of God and what God says about us in order to have access to him. For example the Bible says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    So when the enemy says you’re not smart you will rebuke it with the word that says I have the nature of God living in me.

    The more you know of the truth, the quicker you can identify the lie.

    Second Corinthians chapter 10 – We use gods mighty Weapons to knockdown the strongholds of humans reasoning and to destroy false arguments.

    Allow the holy sprit to talk to you to identify gods voice and to rebuke the enemy voice.

    Re-write the script and create a new reality – Hebrews 11:3.

    We walk by faith and not by sight.

    The enemy wants us to forget that we were made in gods image and likeness.

    Greater that is he than he that is in the world

  4. "We can't look at natural circumstances to confirm our spiritual position." This is such a powerful statement. I have so many notes from this sermon. I WILL overcome every single insecurity by placing my trust in God and believing that He created me ON purpose and FOR a purpose. God Bless You Pastor!

  5. I attended this service, I am so grateful for this Man of God, he reiterated the point that we often forget which is knowing that we are complete in Christ and renewed. I needed this message. Sometimes I don't cast down those imaginations and I let my thoughts run away. Sometimes being present in your life is difficult whenever I choose not to speak God's truth into it. I am reminded of the subtle ways that the enemy tries to break us, Thanks Be to God for the very powerful message through Mr. Winston.


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