PRAYER–Lester Sumrall–Part 10–Prayer with Fasting

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  1. Pressure Washer: God is so good Jesus is so good the meanness of Starlight Glimmer is that she didn’t bless me but I shall endure Jesus washed away my sin I shalt not sin no more I don’t want Epaphroditus to be kidnapped I don’t want Starlight to be kidnapped I don’t want to be threatened God with me I just don’t feel good about myself only but also for others

  2. I have never gone without water, only food, but i'm going to. it may just be me, but the third day has always been special for me. on the third day, God has always responded somehow.

  3. Thank the Lord GOD, because l have seen many people of the faith thinking that fasting is done once a week and can consume coffee,water or liquid
    And it is a fast, l am watching people follow this path, But l do Not believe that is a fast,!!!*****, lf you want to know the truth of anything said,
    Read the truth in the Word of GOD ALMIGHTY, lt ls there fof all to know Christ Jesus!!!****,(Saviour)of our Souls!!!****

  4. I just prayed about fasting and needed this mans words from the Lord GOD, to move me into this way for my faith to increase, !!!*****,
    Fasting needs to be done without food or water, and with lnstant Prayer,!!!***

  5. I just decided to fast today, then I went through Lester Sumerall’s sermons on Prayer. I decided to watch till part 10, was I surprised when part 10 was on fasting and prayer. Only Divine Order could explain that.. God bless us all. AMEN!

  6. wow after 28 years of being a Christian I've never heard such a simple and powerful explanation on fasting. Thank you for posting these & thank God for Lester & others like him who give their lives to help us walk with our Lord according to His will.

  7. Thank you brother Burbank for your missionary work. Now to every believer let us embrace the oil,anointing from this servant of God life. His teaching,wisdom, knowledge and live by them by passing the baton to the nations he talked about in the teachings. And may God bless those who will come to Christ Our Lord and do likewise…


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