Power in the Name of Jesus! – RW Schambach

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  1. Jesus did what He did because He was a praying man he lived a fasted life. He spent much time with the Father So He was able to go able doing good destroying the works of the devil. And what do we do? we just go about doing very little or nothing. Why because the Church today doesnt see a need to spend much time with God in prayer it doesnt see its need of fasting thats why the Church of today is full of unbelief. People lay out of the house of God because they feel a little sick or they got a head ache or just to tired if the church would pray and fast and spend time with God in prayer like it should we could do the works Jesus did. You know why people dont care if they can cast out devils or heal the sick or raise the dead because they are content to live without doing it. No concern not burden, The Church wont do anything to help anyone as long as they are content to live the way they are living. People go to church hopeing to get a blessing from God but they didnt spend no time with God. Why should God bless us if we have no time for Him? If you really want to know where you stand in your spiritual walk Take you a note book and every day how much time you spent with God in prayer, how much of the bible did you read or listen to or how many times that month you fasted. Take a good look at your notes about your self at the end of one month and you will see how cold you are on God or how hot you are in your spiritual walk. If you see your self as a Cold Christian dont you think its time to do something. Do you know why most people gain more weight then what they want to weigh they have no scales to weigh them self each day Times i found my self gaining weight and when i went to the doctor and they weighed me i couldnt believe i had gain that much weight. I didnt have a set of scales at home to keep an eye on my weight. Thats why every Christian needs a note book to keep an eye on how you are doing in your walk with God. You will be shocked to see how much time you dont spend reading and studying and praying and fasting. And we wonder why we dont get prayers answers like we think we should. Is that the truth? If it is say Amen.

  2. There's power in the name JESUS YESHUA: for HE paid the price ,before,unto ,at Calvary golgotha and after being resurrected thus the first fruit to GOD THE FATHER OUR CREATOR IN HEAVEN. All knees will bow every tongue will confess HE is LORD of lords, KING of KINGS. Our reedemer from sin.

  3. There’s something about the name of Jesus…
    Now days people want to say the name God because people worship many gods.. there is only One True and Living God.. (we know that) so they don’t mind you saying God, but when you say the name Jesus, they’re uncomfortable, you can see on their faces..
    There is no other name given unto men whereby we must be saved.. that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!!
    Praise God for this kind of preaching.


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