Place It In The Hands Of Jesus || A message by Pastor Mensa Otabil

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Raising Leaders, Shaping Visions & Influencing Society through Christ.
This is the vision of the International Gospel Church founded by Pastor Mensa Otabil based in Ghana, with multiple locations worldwide.

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Comment (26)

  1. Amen n Amen. Thank you so much my favourite pastor
    I am so bless by this word of power. Lord please the little l have I surrounded it into your able hand please take charge in jesus name Amen.

  2. I place my children's academics in Jesus Hands, very little time left amidst the uncertainty of schools reopening, national exams around the corner. That little time left i commend to King Jesus.

  3. Order by resting and also to break down, learn to leave it in the hands of Jesus trust Him absolutely and watch out His advice and be prepared to follow through Oh Lord i will testify to Your Glory. I have my life and I place it in Your hands Lord take it and make a meaningful beauty out of this life you gave me


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